Amethyst Necklace – A Glamorous Jewelry Piece (2024)

The vibrant amethyst is often known as the ‘Jewel of the Gods’. For times immemorial, the gemstone has been associated with royalty. One, for its rich purple hue, which it gets from iron the deposits present in it. Second, thanks to its royal patrons across the ages. Queen Cleopatra famously wore amethysts. Catherine, the Great, also studded all her artifacts in the Middle Ages with this beautiful purple stone. More recently, the Swedish and British royal families showcased beautiful amethyst pieces in their extensive jewelry collections.

The name amethyst means ‘not drunk’ in Greek. This is because the ancient Greeks believed that wearing it supposedly prevented one from getting intoxicated. (Not sure if one can totally rely on this bit of advice from them, though.). The amethyst dates back a long way, and even the Bible mentions the stone.

Before the 18th century, this gemstone was rare and quite expensive. This meant only the rich, royal and influential could afford it. Then suddenly, vast deposits of amethysts were discovered in South America, which brought down the value a little. However, it is still a unique, glamorous, and desirable stone to include in your repertoire of gemstone jewelry.

What is the Symbolism of Amethyst in a Necklace?

Amethysts are said to have a calming effect on the mind. The stone supports mental peace and balance, providing clarity of thought and judgment. Amethysts are considered among the healing crystals. Wearing one in a necklace brings it close to the heart, alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety. Ancient Egyptians wore them in necklaces and amulets both, to act as a protector and ward off the evil eye. It was also said to take care of the being in the afterlife. An amethyst necklace promotes good health, prevents over-indulgence, and keeps away negative energy. Buddhists and Hindus believe that amethysts in a necklace are meditative in nature. Consider these simple and elegant necklaces to elevate your style and ingrain a sense of calm and spirituality in your life.


A stunning round amethyst is set in a diamond burst pendant, and strung on a 14k white gold chain.

Yet another round-cut amethyst occupies centerstage, surrounded by 0.04 carats of sparkling diamonds and strung on a 14k white gold necklace.

How Do I Know If My Amethyst Stone is Real?

The sure-fire way is obviously to take it to a professional jeweler. But you can make this distinction at home by following a few basic rules. One is that a genuine amethyst stone always has a few imperfections, with different hues of purple and even some white, pink, blue, or brown thrown in, depending on the stone's natural hue. If it is one solid color, you need to investigate further into whether it is genuine. Also, look under a bright light or magnifying glass for bubbles under the glassy surface of an amethyst. If you spot them, the stone is most likely a fake. Real amethysts have threads, not bubbles. A few other ways to test are a gravity test or measuring it according to the Mohs scale (an amethyst is 7).

How Can I Style an Amethyst Necklace?

Let the sparkle of your amethyst necklace occupy center stage. Thanks to their unique color and personality, amethysts do not need another piece of colored or dramatic jewelry to accessorize with it. If you must use other jewelry, opt for soft pearls or smaller diamonds for the ears and wrists. Also, an amethyst looks best against white metals like white gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Don’t clutter the look with yellow gold.

Wear your amethyst necklace with clothes in solid color blocks like pale yellow, lime green, or orange. Big prints distract and take away from the timeless elegance of this stone. If you want to wear something in violet hues, pick something different from the amethyst’s shade. The color white offsets the rich purple notes of the amethyst in a way that most other colors cannot. If you’ve got a midnight plum-colored gemstone, a pastel lilac looks splendid with it. Try to avoid black, and instead dress up in white.

Here are some extremely pocket-friendly amethyst necklaces set in sterling silver.


Sleek, young and contemporary, this round-cut amethyst is set in 925 sterling silver, with a 0.01 diamond pendant that is bezel set.


For a touch of vintage charm, pick up this sterling silver Bujukan necklace that fits a pear-shaped amethyst stone.


A cushion-cut amethyst pendant fits into a 925 sterling silver pendant necklace, in this classic and elegant design.

Is Amethyst a Good Gemstone for Jewelry?

Yes and no. Amethyst scores around 7 on the Mohs scale, as previously mentioned. While it is not as hard as a diamond, it is also not as delicate as, let’s say, pearls. That said, the February birthstone, amethyst, is highly affordable. In the case of a diamond, the per carat value climbs exponentially, but with amethyst, this increase is more gradual. This makes all kinds of designs and sizes more easily accessible and possible.

A few thumb rules – keep your amethyst away from extreme heat and cold temperatures, or they may crack. Similarly, exposure to bright light on a prolonged basis causes the color to change or lighten. Clean it with gentle, chemical-free soap and washcloth regularly. Store the amethyst necklace in a fabric pouch or fabric-lined box when not in use.

How Valuable is an Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst shades vary from pale lavender to deep, rich purple. In fact, the value of amethyst is not determined primarily by size but by the color tone. The deeper the purple, the more valuable the amethyst – particularly if it has reddish undertones to it as well. Before the discovery of amethysts in Brazil, Siberia was the prime source of the world’s best amethysts. So the trade name ‘Siberian’ still sticks to refer to the highest quality gemstones – whether or not they’re mined in Siberia.

On average, amethysts are pretty affordable. You can get a carat for as little as $20 or $30, while the high-end gemstone pieces cost $40 or $50 per carat.

The amethyst is a member of the quartz family and the most popular and precious one used in making jewelry. Along with color, various other factors contribute to the pricing of an amethyst. These include the stone size, crystal size on the quartz clusters, crystal quality, etc. If you want to make a statement with your amethyst necklaces, these gorgeous pieces come studded with diamonds in unique cuts and designs.


This one will surely have you feeling like a million bucks. A marquise-cut amethyst is framed by 0.15 carats of sparkling diamonds, set in a 14k white gold pendant necklace.

Amethyst Necklace – A Glamorous Jewelry Piece (7)


Bring out your feminine side with this floral-inspired necklace reminiscent of a brightly-colored spring garden. Petals that glitter with 0.12 carats of diamonds culminate in a pear-shaped amethyst. The gorgeous pendant dangles from a 14k white gold fashion necklace.

If you want a piece of this precious purple quartz around your neck, head to to check out and choose from our selection of beautiful amethyst necklaces. Channel your inner princess. To read more on Amethyst, the February birthstone, head to our blog - History and Symbolism Behind the February Birthstone – Amethyst.

Amethyst Necklace – A Glamorous Jewelry Piece (2024)


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