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Make sure you have a right build so you survive more!

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Deepwoken is a Roblox RPG game that’s incredibly tough since you have a chance of losing your progress if you die. This is why you’ll want to have the best builds to maximize your chances of survival.

In this guide, we will provide you with some recommendations for your first build, so that you have an easier time playing the game.

Deepwoken: Meta Guide & Best Build

The newest patches of the game have completely shifted the game’s meta away from the infinite healing and sustain meta. This is something you want to keep in mind when you make your build.

With sustainability and healing out of the way, it is expected that we’ll see increases in the popularity of damage-resistance builds, or anything that can lower blood loss.


With the right items, you can get yourself to have more than 539 HP. Consider using the following items:

  • Consider using the Ironsinger Heavy Plate, which can give you a Physical Armor increase.
  • For boots, consider the Imperial Boots, which can give you +35 HP along with Boss Damage taken decreases.
  • Khan Helmet: Health and Damage Increase to Monsters.
  • Ring of Curses: +1 Posture and +1% damage to monsters.
  • For other items, you can use the items in the image below, or you can customize the items based on your personal preference, or what you currently have in your inventory.
  • Blood Forged Crown: This item can also see a lot of popularity after the changes. This item can cause Cauterized Wounds, which is great for many builds.

These items are only suggestions, and you can always replace them with better items for your build and playstyle. The items mentioned are good, universal options but ideally, you’ll want to find the pieces that work best for your builds.

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For Talents, consider using the To The Finish trait. When you are below 30% Health, you will take 10% Less Damage. The more HP you have in your build, the more you are going to benefit from this Talent.

A 10% damage reduction may sound small, but you can have an advantage over opponents that are roughly your health or less. Here are some other talents you can consider:

  • Mercy Kill: Helps you eliminate opponents immediately if they are weaker than you. This reduces the time you have to fight your enemies, lowering your health loss.
  • Grand Feast: Regain tempo, ether, blood, and health when gaining hunger from killing. This is extremely good when you are farming.
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For stats, you’ll want to have them:

  • Ideally, you’ll want to have 90 Fortitude and 35 Willpower.
  • Try to have your HP at round more than 500, since this build benefits a lot from you being the tanky opponent.
  • Post-shrine, you’ll go for 25 – 40 Strengths.
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In the image below, you’ll see also another different way to build your stats with 30 Willpower Pre-Shrine and 90 Fortitude Post-Shrine.

Deepwoken: Meta Guide & Best Build - Item Level Gaming (5)

Here is also another different build you can try. It may not have the biggest damage output but can really make you durable and become stronger in fights.

You can also customize it to increase your damage at the cost of your durability as long as you can find the right balance.

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Due to the latest changes, going for Shadowcaster just to get the Blood Shadow Mantra is no longer worth it. This also applies to Flamecharm just to get the Flame Wisp Mantra, which is not worth it. If you plan to get better things when you invest your stats into those two, it can still be worth it.

With that said, you can still choose to go for both since they can complement each other quite well. This will give your Shadow active heal every time you land your hits, just like Vampirism, but for Shadow.

For your other Mantras, consider getting:

  • Ash Slam
  • Shadow Eruption
  • Fire Blade
  • Burning Servants
  • Rising Shadow
  • Flame Assault
  • Flame Wisp
  • Radiant Kick
  • Healthgem

These Mantras are considered to be some of the best in the game that lets you deal high damage to your opponents. The animations are quite fast so you will have an easy time trying to land all the abilities.

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For your Enchants, there are also a lot of options you can go with.

  • Providence’s Thorns: Weapon gains +5% PEN and applies Cauterize on hit. Cauterized targets have increased incoming PEN. This is great for PvE.
  • Vampirism: On hit, deal 75% of the weapon damage in an AOE. If you think you deal too little damage with your M1s, consider using this. With the downfall of the sustain meta, it is likely that this enchant will take its place and rise in popularity.
  • Metal: Creates a mark on your opponent, after using your opponent, you will teleport to them and strike for more damage.
  • Solar: Applies a Solar Mark that lets you steal your opponent’s Tempo, which is really great for fights.
  • Curse of the No Life King: While held and in combat, gain passive health regen. Every M1 adds 2% insanity to the opponent. Keep in mind that if you drop below 50% Sanity, you will be eliminated immediately.
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That’s how you can start building your character in Roblox Deepwoken. There are many different options you can go for with your build, depending on your current progress.

Before you decide to go for a build path, remember to ask for opinions from the in-game community so you make better decisions!

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Deepwoken: Meta Guide & Best Build - Item Level Gaming (2024)


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