Golf Carts For Sale Near Me Under $5000 (2024)

1. New England #1 Choice Street Legal-LSV & used ...


  • Dave Kingston's Karts, Golf cars of New Hampshire and New England New & Pre Owned Golf Carts, Customized Carts, Street Legal, Low Speed, NEV, Neighborhood Electric, LSV LIMOS, & Utility Vehicles, SEARCH, Reviews, Financing, Rentals, KINGSTON'S KARTS CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED 6 MONTH WARRANTY New England Golf Cars, New Hampshire Golf Cars. North American Country, Evolution Electric Vehicles of New England NEW ENGLAND’S LARGEST GOLF AND UTILITY VEHICLE DEALER PROUD AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR CLUB CAR, POLARIS PRO XD, GEM, GARIA, AND TOMBERLIN Whether you are in the market for a used golf cart to use around your neighborhood, an LSV for security staff to drive around campus, or a heavy-duty utility vehicle to bring camping, CCE Golf Cars has the knowledge and inventory to fit your needs. Need a golf or utility vehicle for a short time or a specific event? CCE is New England’s largest golf and utility car rental provider! And with our 5 New England dealerships and door-to-door service, your golf cart will always be running in tip-top shape. New England #1 Choice Street Legal-LSV & used ...

2. New and used Bicycles for sale in Cincinnati on Facebook Marketplace

  • Browse or sell your items New and used Golf Carts for sale in Cincinnati on Facebook Marketplace. $6,000. 1987 Chevrolet c6500. Hilliard, OH. 90 cents per ...

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3. Gas or Electric Golf Carts for Sale - Club Car

4. E-Z-GO® | The World's Best Golf Carts

  • Explore the full lineup of E-Z-GO® personal, golf, and utility vehicles, and discover why they're America's favorite golf carts.

5. Golf cart Recreational Vehicles at

  • Find Golf cart recreational vehicles at Lowe's today. Shop recreational vehicles and a variety of outdoor recreation products online at

Golf cart Recreational Vehicles at

6. Golf Carts in Vehicles -

Golf Carts in Vehicles -

7. quad cities for sale by owner "golf carts" - craigslist

  • no image · Wanted: Group or fleet of gas Golf Carts · Midwest. $5,000 ; 2019 Yamaha Drive 2 Golf Carts 1 · 2019 Yamaha Drive 2 Golf Carts · Wausau. $3,000 ; no image.

  • quad cities for sale by owner "golf carts" - craigslist

8. Options for Selling an old golf cart vs trade-in - Talk of The Villages Florida

  • Jan 25, 2020 · I just sold my landlords golf cart for $5000 cash. She is going to be trully ****ed off!! Lol, even as a landlord that gave me a chuckle.

  • I had a functional 2002 Electric Club Cart that I needed to liquidate. One option was to list it here and go through all the effort of meeting buyers,

Options for Selling an old golf cart vs trade-in - Talk of The Villages Florida

9. Golf Switch Cart Trader Auto - SD Marketing

  • ... Near Me - Find New and Used Club Car Golf Carts on ATV Trader. ... Golf carts for sale near you. Using an ... Popular Searches: Carts Under $3,000 Club ...

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10. The surprising rise of electric golf carts as 'second cars' in the US - Electrek

  • Aug 7, 2023 · With prices significantly lower than the average car, and operating costs that are just a fraction of those for cars (whether gas-powered or ...

  • Electric golf carts aren't just for going golfing, but are actually helping to replace cars for many families in the US.

The surprising rise of electric golf carts as 'second cars' in the US - Electrek
Golf Carts For Sale Near Me Under $5000 (2024)


Is a gas or electric golf cart better? ›

The bottom line, for most people, the ELECTRIC CART, is the most affordable, most reliable, and most convenient for most uses. But if you have a large property (100 acres) or are needing a "workhorse" of a cart or have no reliable source of power for charging, Gas may be your answer.

How long do golf carts last? ›

The lifespan of a golf cart depends on several factors such as usage, maintenance, and environment. However, most carts last between 7-10 years before they need to be replaced. Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of a cart beyond the typical lifespan.

How much is a 2007 Yamaha golf cart worth? ›

The 2007 Yamaha golf cart value depends on the wear and tear it has seen over the years but is typically around $3,000-$4,000 for a good condition used model.

What is a better golf cart? ›

#5: Star EV. #4: Evolution Golf Carts. #3: ICON Golf Carts. #2: Tomberlin. #1: Garia.

What's better 2 stroke or 4 stroke golf cart? ›

2-stroke engines are more powerful. 2-stroke engines are easier to fix because of their simple design. They do not have valves, but rather ports. 4-stroke engines have more parts, therefore they are more expensive and repairs cost more.

What are the disadvantages of electric golf carts? ›

Cons of electric golf carts

The main concern with an electric golf cart is battery life. It can distract you from a relaxing day on the course if you're worried about getting where you need to go or finding a charging station.

What is better, a 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart? ›

However, this isn't the case. The 48-Volt is more powerful—and more efficient—so it utilizes the amps better. You'll get a better range with a 48-Volt golf cart than with a 36-Volt golf cart.

How long can a golf cart sit without being driven? ›

In general, a golf cart battery can sit for about 2-3 weeks without charging. However, if you plan on storing your golf cart for longer than this, it's best to charge it every 30 days to prevent damage to the battery.

Are golf carts high maintenance? ›

Maintenance. The gas golf carts require more constant servicing because of the complexity of the engine components. Timely oil changes, filter changes, and tune-ups are essential to keep the vehicle running at its optimum level and to assure its long life.

Do golf carts hold their value? ›

Generally, golf carts hold their value fairly well, especially if they are well-maintained and in good condition. If you own a higher-end golf cart, it can maintain up to 70% of its value after five years, while lower-end models are more likely to see a retention of 40-50% of their value.

What is a 2013 Yamaha gas golf cart worth? ›

2013 Yamaha Gas EFI Golf Cart, Green: $7,195.00

What is the difference between a club car and a Yamaha golf cart? ›

The major difference between Club Car and Yamaha is the frame material. Yamaha uses traditional steel, but Club Car has developed an aluminum alloy called AlumiCor that provides greater strength and a lighter weight, which means the cart has more power and resistance to the weather.

What is better, gas or battery golf cart? ›

One of the biggest advantages of gas-powered golf carts is that they have more power and go faster for a longer duration than electric golf carts. Other pros of gas golf carts are that they can pull heavier loads and don't require charging, making it easier to fill up on the go.

What is the lowest maintenance golf cart? ›

The RXV is known on golf courses everywhere for its superiority under the seat. Whether it's the industry-leading ELiTE™ Lithium powered by Samsung SDI or first-of-its-kind EX1 gas engine with closed-loop EFI, the RXV is a low-maintenance, high-performance golf cart you can always rely on.

How to pick a golf cart? ›

Before you buy your golf cart, think about how much maintenance it needs. Some carts need things like oil changes more often, while others may need bigger repairs. Knowing this helps you pick a cart that fits what you're comfortable with. If you plan to use the cart a lot, expect to pay for maintenance each year.

Is it worth buying an electric golf cart? ›

Operating and maintaining an electric golf cart can lead to significant cost savings. Eliminating the need for gas and oil results in lower operational expenses compared to gas-powered carts. Additionally, electric carts have fewer components that require regular servicing, reducing maintenance costs over time.

Is a gas or electric golf cart better for hills? ›

Gas golf carts are better in terms of power, so they can handle hills, drive more people, and haul heavy items around.

What is an advantage of electric golf cars over gasoline powered golf cars? ›

1. Environmentally Friendly: Electric golf carts produce no tailpipe emissions, reducing their environmental impact compared to gas golf carts.


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