Minion Masters - Patch 2.4 (2024)

Greetings Masters,

Minion Masters: Rolling Thunder is here and brings two new explosives units to the game! Get ready to blow up your own scrats and lay chaos to the arena!!


Minion Masters - Patch 2.4 (1)

Minion Masters - Patch 2.4 (2)


  • Made a verbosity level of CSAR a setting in the settings menu.

  • Enabled Pinging for 1v1

  • Enabled using /lfg /guild or /general to talk to specific channels in the chat.

  • Added unready option to the lobby UI.

  • Enabled moderators banning and muting players from the chat.

  • In 2v2 random players will now only get bots as teammates when playing in Wood League.

  • Removed Simulacrum from the pool of random cards available for Apep, Future cards, Blind Date cards ect.

  • Changed the reward for reaching Contender League.

  • Increased the limit on how many replays can be stored at the same time. And made sure that when overflow happens, the oldest replays are deleted first.

  • Allowed the Android version of the game to use the “Notch” area around the front-facing camera. This should remove the black bar from the side of the screen. This is configurable in Android settings on the phone. But if it causes issues please let us know.


  • Fixed compression issues with cards and avatars on the leaderboards for low quality settings.

  • Fixed the game sending an incorrect error message when joining a lobby that had already been closed.

  • Fixed visual issues in the Scrat World Arena

  • Made card sorting consistent between all fields that use card sorting.

  • Fixed search field in the collection menu searching only card titles and not descriptions.

  • Fixed an issue where depth of field could make masters blurry in the customization selection menu.

  • Fixed emote wheel having wrong labels for controller inputs.

  • Fixed emotes becoming large and stuck in that state in the emote section of the customisation selection menu.

  • Fixed button logic in the everything tab in the collection menu where it would try to add unowned cards to your current deck instead of letting you craft it.

  • Removed the minimise deck lists button again. This time there should be a safety in place which prevents people from ending up in a state where it is just permanently minimised.

  • Fixed an issue in the drafting flow where the UI would momentarily flicker and show wrong cards.

  • Fixed multi-line pack names in the shop overlapping content details.

  • Attempted another fix at the Chinese characters being highlighted.

  • Fixed an incorrect error message when hitting cancel on the mobile app update screen.

  • Fixed the mobile app update screen not showing decimals on the app update download progress indicator.

  • Fixed profile level rewards showing greyed out before the player had a chance to obtain or claim them.

  • Fixed relics not showing up in the Streamer UI

  • Fixed multiple cases of ability cards getting stuck in hand. Please inform us if there are still cases of this going around.

  • Fixed AIM Bot failing to enable the Tech counter.

  • Fixed an issue where the anti-cheat would fail to complete properly, and thereby invalidate matches where it should have resolved the match correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with ATG behaving incorrectly when attacking.

  • Fixed Battle Shi-Hou not benefitting from his attack speed increase properly.

  • Fixed Black Hole removing Huggers.

  • Fixed Bladestar visuals being out of sync with the effects.

  • Fixed Healing Fireball visuals being out of sync with the effects.

  • Fixed Combustion targeting not taking unit width into account.

  • Fixed Frostfeathers model breaking after having been frozen by Rimagaal

  • Fixed Hellfire dealing no damage after TAAS has been destroyed.

  • Fixed Holy Fire tooltip incorrectly indicating master damage.

  • Fixed Wardancers occasionally being invisible.

  • Fixed Korrrgoth occasionally hitting targets behind himself.

  • Fixed the Leiliel’s Vortex relic effect not triggering the VFX properly.

  • Fixed Mordar’s Tombstones’ rotation to be correct for all players.

  • Fixed an interaction between the Mordar Mancer of the Dead skin and Apep’s Shield Totem’s VFX that could cause black glowing orbs to float around Mordar.

  • Fixed Stormtamer being able to target enemies affected by Black Hole.

  • Fixed Stormtamer not properly interrupting attacks with the cyclone.

  • Fixed R3KT losing One-Punch Blast when using Shadow Dance.

  • Fixed the rarity of the Frostfang Familiar Avatar, it was incorrectly being displayed as common, but is in fact supreme.

  • Fixed Resonating Blast Crystal not triggering master spell cast VFX.

  • Fixed an issue where Rocket Scrat losing it’s target while mid-air could cause it to become stuck and untargetable.

  • Fixed Ruby’s ability Main Cannon not properly highlighting targets.

  • Fixed Simulacrum being permanently replaced when copying Adventuring Party.

  • Fixed Invisible units getting healed removing their invisibility.

  • Fixed Veilstalker not getting stunned when using her AoE attack against Defenso Chopper.

  • Fixed Vuk’s interaction with immobilised enemies.

  • Fixed Woggosaur Pup getting stuck in place when the spit target dies before the spit can hit.

  • Fixed Mar’Dred’s avatar being incorrectly configured in the backend. New version will now allow some people to own the avatar twice.

  • Fixed various translation issues.


  • Arcane Barrage

    • Sparks damage: 55 > 60

  • Arcane Bolt

    • Only triggers mana freeze when the destroy effect occurs

  • Caged Prowler

    • Building Decay removed

    • Health: 360 > 100

    • Damage required to prevent trigger threshold: 96 > 100

    • Remove lifetime stat

  • Crossbow Club House

    • HP: 200 > 400

    • Lifetime: 30 > 10

    • Range 8 > 10

  • Feng the Wanderer

    • HP: 350 > 375

  • Incubus

    • Gains Bulwark

  • Nezara

    • Vampyric: 20 > 30%

    • HP: 400 > 450

    • Rename Vampirism

  • Sniper Squad

    • Starts stealthed on play, no bonus damage, doesn't have the stealth ability to re-stealth


  • Apep

    • Shield totem HP: 400 > 350

  • Border Patrol

    • Mana Cost: 5 > 4

    • Mana Freeze: 1 > 2

    • Remove trigger, making it impossible for them to gain shield

  • Bulwark

    • 50% > 35%

  • King Puff

    • Gifts no longer shield flyers

  • Resonating Blast Crystal

    • Initial blast damage: 120 > 80

    • Update VFX to be visually distinct from Blast Crystal explosions

  • Sapphire Pebbles

    • Damage required to prevent trigger threshold: 58 > 50

    • Range: 10 > 8

    • Remove lifetime stat

    • Respawner Health: 100 > 50

    • Respawner Building Decay removed

  • Spelldancer

    • Activated Arcane sparks: 5 > 3

    • Sparks damage: 55 > 60

  • Stormtamer

    • Range: 8 > 6

  • Tronveir

    • Runestones no longer freeze flyers


  • Frostfang Familiar

    • Mana Cost: 3 > 2

    • HP: 75 > 50

  • Rimargaal's Breath

    • Damage: 150 > 180

    • No longer leaves Rimefyre trail

    • No longer deals damage over time; all damage happens in one instant

    • Applies Freeze immediately to units damaged

    • No longer has True Damage

  • Zeppelin Bomber

    • Gains Barrel Shield.

    • Scrat Swarm effect changed to: Lose Barrel Shield and gains Haste

Minion Masters - Patch 2.4 (2024)


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