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This mission begins immediately after The First Traveller. After speaking with -null- at a Holo-Terminus, you’ve been tasked with speaking to a Vy’keen Cartographer at a space station. This will be the first of three main tasks, since you’ll also need to speak with a Korvax Cartographer and a Gek Cartographer.

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Find and Speak with a Vy’keen Cartographer

Travel to a Vy’keen Space Station

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to find a Vy’keen Cartographer is enter a star system where the Vy’keen species is dominant. You can do this by opening your Galaxy Map via the quick access menu from the Starship, then searching for a system which states Vy’keen under “Race”, as shown in the screenshot below. Once you’ve travelled to the Vy’keen system using the Hyperdrive, you can enter the space station and find the Cartographer near the teleport module.

Commune with Hirk at the Ruins

When you first speak with the Vy’keen Cartographer they will not be very helpful. They’ll ask you to prove yourself by visiting a nearby ruin to find someone named Hirk. All you need to do here is enter your Starship and use the scanner to locate the ruin, which will then be marked as the mission objective. As you reach the ruin and speak with Hirk, you’ll be able to collect an artifact known as a Vy’keen Tablet. You can bring this back to the Cartographer at the space station, but you’ll need to deal with some hostile Sentinels before you can leave. Alternatively, you may be able to just enter your Starship and ignore the Sentinels, but if the mission objective doesn’t update at this point you should go back to kill them first.

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Upon returning to the Vy’keen Cartographer you’ll be able to ask them a few questions regarding the Travellers, Sentinels, and the Atlas. You won’t get much information out of them, but it’s enough to report back on and you’ll soon be prompted to return to the Space Anomaly to speak with Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo.

Find and Speak with a Korvax Cartographer

Travel to a Korvax Space Station

As with the Vy’keen Cartographer, the same task will need to be performed for a Korvax Cartographer. You’ll need to use the Galaxy Map again to find a nearby Korvax star system, enter the space station and speak with the Cartographer there. They’ll be located in the same part of the station as the Vy’keen Cartographer was, near the teleport module.

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Retrieve a Divergence Cube from an Abandoned Building

The Korvax Cartographer will not be willing to help you until you’ve proven yourself. The task required here is slightly different than the one you did for the Vy’keen, but the basic principle is the same: find an item of worth to the Korvax and bring it back to them at the station. In this case, you’ll need to use the Starship scanner to locate a nearby Abandoned Building. This may be located on land or underwater, so don’t be discouraged if you see that the marker for the building is seemingly taking you to the middle of an ocean.

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The task of retrieving a Divergence Cube is simple: all you need to do is enter the Abandoned Building and thoroughly loot it, including by interacting with the terminal inside if there is one present. Once you have the cube, you can return to the Korvax Cartographer on the space station and learn a bit more from them. You’ll then be prompted to summon and return to the Space Anomaly to inform Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo.

Find and Speak with a Gek Cartographer

Travel to a Gek Space Station

The final task is to speak with a Gek Cartographer. As with the other two, you’ll need to enter the Galaxy Map from your Starship to locate a Gek controlled star system. You’ll find the Gek Cartographer in the same place as the other two once you’re on the space station. Again, as with the others, the Gek won’t be willing to help you until you perform a task for them.

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Complete Local Missions for the Gek

The task that you’ll need to complete for the Gek actually involves two objectives, since you’ll need to complete two Local Missions from the Mission Agent, who can be found to the left of the Cartographer, just beyond the Guild Envoy. If you haven’t yet completed any Local Missions in No Man’s Sky, you can see our guide on How Mission Agents and Guild Envoys Work. It doesn’t matter which type of mission you complete, only that you complete two of them. You can then return to the Gek Cartographer to learn more about the story. You may be contacted by Apollo as you complete these missions, who will inform you about his encounters with the Atlas.

Once you’re done with the Gek Cartographer the mission will end, so be sure to return to Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo on board the Space Anomaly after this.

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(1 of 3) You’ll find a Vy’keen, Korvax, or Gek controlled star system from the Galaxy Map.

Patterns in Time | Gamer Guides: Your ultimate source for... (2024)


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