Xenoblade Chronicles 3's New Hero Masha Introduces a Gem of a Class (2024)

The latest wave of DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 just released, and it introduces a brand-new Hero named Masha with an innovative Class called "Lapidarist." As with the game's other optional Heroes, players can befriend Masha through special quests, then use her expertise to teach her new Class to one of the six protagonists. However, the Lapidarist Class itself is fairly unique and interesting, adding a whole new layer to the game, both on and off the battlefield.

This is all part of Volume 3 of the game's expansion pass. With a fourth and final volume just around the corner, and the return of the Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers making first-party titles a bit more accessible than before, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has gotten a second wind, even as other major JRPGs such as Fire Emblem Engage take center stage. However, since Masha was only introduced in a trailer shown during the latest Nintendo Direct just a handful of days before the DLC's release, many fans might not be aware of what she can do or why she's worth a look. With that in mind, here's what players need to know about Masha and the Lapidarist Class.

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Who Masha Is and What the Lapidarist Class Entails

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term "Lapidarist," it means that Masha is an expert in the field of using rare minerals and gems to create jewelry. In terms of actual gameplay, this means that Masha's primary function in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is to craft powerful, stat-boosting accessories for the party members, many of which the player might not otherwise have had access to previously.

While these accessory crafting abilities mean that Masha will tend to shine mostly outside of combat, she can also be a very useful Support character in a fight, as she is able to heal party members whenever she lands a critical hit on an enemy. If players can effectively create Lapidarist accessories to raise their critical hit rate, then Masha can be an effective Heavy Hitter and Party Healer at the same time.

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Xenoblade's New Masha Hero Quest, "Lapidarist Extraordinaire"

Xenoblade Chronicles 3's New Hero Masha Introduces a Gem of a Class (1)

Once the player unlocks the Volume 3 Expansion Pass DLC from the game's menu, so long as they are at least up to Chapter Five of the story, they can access Masha's Hero Quest, titled "Lapidarist Extraordinaire." Masha will be found in the Serene Square, where she asks the party to take her to a special Annihilation Site out in the Eagus Wilderness of the Fornis Region to find a rare stone for her gem crafting work. Players should be prepared for a difficult fight if they are tackling this Hero Quest as early in the game as possible, as these Annihilation Sites can be very dangerous to an under-leveled party.

Once the player has found Masha's stone and helped return her safely back to the city, they will be treated to a tutorial on how to craft the special Lapidarist accessories. Complete that tutorial, and not only will Masha unlock as a permanent Hero, but Mio will take up the role as Class Inheritor for the Lapidarist style and can begin to take Levels in that Class herself.

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Masha's Hero Ascension Quest, "For the Sake of Keepsakes"

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Once the player gets Mio to level 10 of the Lapidarist Class, a temporary level cap will stop her from progressing any further. At this point, Masha's Hero Ascension Quest will become available. Return with Masha to the City Camp to find a couple that is looking for her. They say they ordered special jewelry from her, but Masha had completely forgotten, so she asks the party to help her make them as quickly as possible.

For this quest, the player will have to do some investigating around the city to find out what the couple wants, and then go hunting with Masha to find the needed materials, one of which comes from a powerful monster that the party must defeat. Obtain the materials and return to the city, where Masha will craft the special jewelry and give it to the couple, completing the Hero Ascension Quest.

At this point, the player will learn several new recipes for crafting even more powerful accessories. Additionally, the level cap of the Lapidarist Class for Mio will rise from 10 all the way up to 20, opening up all of its most powerful skills and abilities for her to learn.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3's New Hero Masha Introduces a Gem of a Class (2024)


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