Who scored Real Madrid's 1000th goal? (2024)

Who scored Real Madrid's 1000th goal?

Karim Benzema scored Real Madrid's 1000th European goal on Tuesday, joining an illustrious list of players to score milestone goals for the club. A list that also includes Roberto Soldado. Karim Benzema's goal last night for Real Madrid was the club's 1000th goal in European competition.

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Who has scored the highest goal in Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the club's greatest goal scorer ever, scoring 451 goals in 438 appearances.

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Who is Real Madrid's top goal scorer in the Champions League?

Cristiano Ronaldo: 140 Goals

Ronaldo holds the record for most goals in a single Champions League season, with his 17 goals for Real Madrid in 2013-14, as they won the UCL trophy with a win over Atlético Madrid in the final that campaign, while he followed that up with 16 goals two years later in 2015-16.

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Who scored the goal for Real Madrid against Man City?

Full-time: Real Madrid 1-1 Man City

Two great goals from Vinicius Jr and De Bruyne mean the spoils are shared this evening.

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Who is Real Madrid best player ever?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the record goalscorer in a league season for Real Madrid, with 48, and he is the first Real Madrid footballer to win four Ballon d'Ors, in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. Eden Hazard is Real Madrid's joint most expensive signing.

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Who is top scorer in history?

With over 860 goals at club and international level combined, Cristiano Ronaldo is the top goalscorer of all time.

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Who is Al Nassr top scorer of all time?

Majed is the all-time top scorer of the Saudi League with 189 goals and is also Al-Nassr's all-time top scorer with 260 goals. Majed Abdullah announced his retirement on 12 April 1998 following Al-Nassr's win in the 1998 Asian Cup Winner's Cup in front of 70,000 fans in Riyadh.

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Have Man City ever beaten Real Madrid?

How Manchester City thrashed Real Madrid to set up Champions League final vs Inter Milan. Manchester City will play Inter Milan in the final of the Champions League after Pep Guardiola's side defeated Real Madrid 4-0 on Wednesday, giving them an impressive 5-1 aggregate victory.

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Who knocked out Real Madrid 2011?

Real Madrid lost to Barcelona at home in the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals on 18 January. Ronaldo scored early, but second half goals from defenders Carles Puyol and Eric Abidal resulted in a 1–2 defeat.

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Has Man City defeated Real Madrid?

Man City trounce Real Madrid to reach UCL final

Man City cast off the demons of 2022 to beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the second leg of their Champions League semifinal at the Etihad on Wednesday night.

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Can Ronaldo score 900 goals?

The former Real Madrid striker, who has scored 857 goals in his professional career, said he was "confident of reaching 900, but 1,000 goals is a lot".

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Can Ronaldo score 1,000 goals?

Therefore, this would occur on August 24, 2026. If things are viewed differently, Ronaldo has played football for 22 seasons and scored 859 goals, which works out to 39.05 goals a season. This calculation indicates that it will take the 38-year-old 3.6 seasons to reach the 1,000-point milestone.

Who scored Real Madrid's 1000th goal? (2024)
Who is the best striker of Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the club's greatest goal scorer ever, scoring 451 goals in 438 appearances.

Who is better than Ronaldo?

Messi went ahead of Ronaldo in the Ballon d'Or stakes when he won his sixth in 2019 and cemented his superior status in that field with his seventh in 2021.

How many Ballon d'Or has Real Madrid won?

Two Spanish clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, also lead the ranking for producing the most winners, with 12 wins each.

Is Real Madrid in debt?

Real Madrid, which has won Europe's top club competition a record 14 times, has raised debt several times since 2019 to pay for its stadium.

Who is the king of Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo - the king of real Madrid.

Why did Real Madrid bench Beckham?

David Beckham forced Real Madrid U-turn after LA Galaxy interest triggered Fabio Capello snub. David Beckham has revealed how he was brutally axed from the Real Madrid team by Fabio Capello after the ex-England boss got wind of an offer for the superstar from LA Galaxy.

How many cups has Beckham won?

Simple facts speak volume – throughout his career Beckham won a phenomenal 6 Premier League titles, 2 FA cups, 4 Community Shields, a Champions League title, 2 MLS Cups (USA), The Ligue title (France) and La Liga (Spain).

Has Beckham won World Best?

He was runner-up in the Ballon d'Or in 1999, twice runner-up for FIFA World Player of the Year (1999 and 2001) and in 2004 was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living players. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008, and the Premier League Hall of Fame in 2021.

How many goal did Pele scores?

The Rec Sport Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF) reported that Pele's official goal tally - based on competitive matches only - was 767 goals in 831 games, though their overall (including unofficial games) tally varies from the others too, putting the Brazilian at 1,284 strikes in 1,375 fixtures.

How many goals Messi scored?

He also has the most international goals by a South American male (106). Messi has scored over 800 senior career goals for club and country, and has the most goals by a player for a single club (672).

How many goals has cr7 scored for Al Nassr?

Cristiano Ronaldo's goals for Al Nassr: Know ace footballer's scoring record for Saudi club. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 38 goals in 45 matches for Al Nassr since joining the Riyadh-based club, which plays in the Saudi Pro League.

Has Al Nassr ever played in Champions League?

Saudi Arabia's Al Nassr FC played a goalless draw against Iran's Persepolis FC in the AFC Champions League Group E match at Al-Awwal Park in Riyadh.

How much does Ronaldo get paid at Al Nassr?

According to multiple reports, Ronaldo is being paid around $213 million (£173m) a year by Al Nassr. Notably, only a fraction of this relates to him actually playing football with his image rights and commercial deals reportedly funding more than half of his total earnings while in Saudi Arabia.


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