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Reborn into the World of Pokémon


Alola! To The World of Pokémon!

Nothing... That was all that the boy could peer from all around him, his pair of black eyes scanning up and down and all around for any clue as to where he even is, confusion swallowing inside of him.

And soon after, panic is what springed up into his mouth... But nothing came out of his mouth, not a shout, not a voice, not a single wave of audio ever came out, a screech-less answer.

"Wh-Where am I!? What happened to me!? Why can't I feel anything!?" try as he might, it felt like nothing aside from his head even felt corporeal, his arms torso, abdomen, and legs were dysfunctional, not even dysfunctional could describe it.

It was as if his entire lower and middle frame morphed into nothing more than unidentifiable mist, with only half of his head being materialized, leaving out the mouthpiece he used to talk to.

But on the bright side, the boy still had his nose, if that even benefits anything regarding his circ*mstance. I mean what would this darkened and weird place smell like? Well that was the case until—

"—Roses... and what I could describe as the smell of the color pink?" truly, it was quite the strange amalgamation of scents, and both of the bodiless scents were subtle, but with each passing second the scents grew in strength, much to the panic of the boy.

"Why is it getting stronger?" but despite the growing situation unfolding in front of the boy, he didn't feel panicked, not even a smidge of worry or dread was felt, it was as if the unseen spirit that carried the scent also carried warmth.

Warmth that anyone, no matter the person could immediately find comfort in. A warmth loved by all. A warmth that everyone at least once in their entire lives will seek out to find

"You've wasted your life... haven't you?" a lady-like voice, one that was also stern and concise, a question that left the formless boy tense, but he felt as if an answer must be given immediately. But how would he even talk without his mouth?

"You need not to answer my rhetorical question, the answer has already been laid out in front of me... And if I can say, you were quite the slothful person." a smirk could be felt. The boy didn't exactly know 'how' a smirk could just be felt, but ironically a gut feeling told him so.

"But alas, you still had more time to lazily carry out your life. A shame that the powers that be haphazardly snuffed your life out a bit too early" a sigh left after words, the bodiless voice laced with sadness.

But what the formless voice felt could not be applied to the boy. His face scrunched and his mouth trying desperately to breath in any air, he panicked as he came to the solution.

Luckily the formless presence already predicted what the boy was piecing together in his head. While he might have been a lazy and unambitious person, he still had his wits about him.

"You died... Sadly." the voice clarified "but don't worry. I am here! And you're probably wondering as to what I'm referring to. And by that, I am referring to the fact that you will be reincarnated into a new life! So please, do not panic."

"Wh-What are you talking about!?" a question that only he could hear.

"I can tell that you are quite confused, that is understandable. Anyone would act like that. But please simmer your panic down, I will explain what I mean, step by step... Okay?"

Just a small pebble of light is what the newborn child could see through his retinas, the muzzled sounds of various voices approaching every part of his being, voices filled with joy and gratitude as they celebrated the birth of a new life.

Only to be mixed with the incessant crying of the child, with red stains covering almost half of his body, his private parts dangling in the air, but regardless of that fact everyone in the room had within them the emotion of gratitudeb

Of the birth of a former NEET and former fan of the video game series called Pokémon.

A region separated by four large islands, all compromising of different customs and cultures, and each rich with historic value, and also protected by the four island guardians, their origins unknown to all, they protect the citizens residing in the region named Alola.

And in one of those four islands, Melemele island firmly stands on the northwestern part of the region. The beachside filled with tourists and the like, with the concrete roadside creating the line between the road and the sand.

"Alola! Miss Ferrum, how did you like that girl-only spa that I recommended to you?" a cheerful voice offset by the bustling crowd of the citizens from both sides of the two people currently talking to each other.

"Alola! Liam, It was great, it had such a soothing atmosphere, with all the pretty lights that were so calming and not to mention the grass-type pokémon that gave such a nice atmosphere!" delight trailed in the mother's voice, recalling her lovely time.

"I know right! I go over there almost every single weekend just to cool-off from work" the sandals of the auburn haired woman colliding with the yellow grain of sand of the beach, with each step removing while also collecting more sand. Her two-piece swimsuit reflecting off the sun.

"I think I'll do the same thing too! Working at the Aether Foundation can really work my bones and muscles out!" the green haired mother exaggerated her movements, stretching one arm up at the sky.

"Maybe we could both go there together?" the woman suggested her hand on her chin as the whirring sounds of bicycle bells and tire cars surrounded them, along with the footsteps colliding against the concrete road.

"Yeah! We could totally do that! How about next week?" the mother suggested "Oh! And we should also bring Iyala and Olivia!" she enthusiastically suggested, excited at the prospect of such a nice weekend happening.

"W-Wait you want Olivia to come!? But isn't she busy? You know being the Kahuna of Akala Island? And doesn't she have better places to go?" with worry laced in her voice, she questioned.

"You worry too much Liam, she isn't as busy as you think she is. And trust me, she'll sure be delighted when we invite her next week, I guarantee you!" a joyfully reply, one that immediately convinced Liam.

"Well.. If you say so then I'm down with it!" an equally cheerful response followed after, as she put a hand on her hips, a toothy grin soon followed "now that we're done planning our next trip with the girls, are you heading home?"

"Yeah I am, I got off early since it was 'take your child to work day' and can I tell you, it was really fun! My son got to see so many Pokémon he never saw before!"

"Oh? You took Natsugo to the Aether Foundation? But I can't see him holding your hand like you always do, and you said that your work time was over?"

"O-Oh don't worry, nothing bad happened to him, he just wanted to stay there for a little longer, he loves observing Pokémon, it was as if he was born to be a professional Pokémon expert, and luckily our boss was kind enough to let him stay at their place for him to study more about Pokémon."

"Oh that's right." Liam lightly hummed her hand once again on her chin "unlike most kids, he's really invested in Pokémon isn't he?"

"Yes, ever since his first encounter with my Lurantis he's always been fascinated with anything Pokémon related." Ferrum added, happiness of her son's investment in the topic of Pokémon "But enough about me, what are you doing Liam?"

The fancy green drapes of the room completely covered the windows, with only a little ray of sunlight peeking through, but it was what Natsugo usually wanted in an atmosphere when he really wanted to completely focus on something.

"Reminds me of when I would just game all day in my room." Natsugo's exasperated sigh could only be heard by himself, with the silent whirring of the conditioner being the only thing remotely audible in the room.

And it was a good thing that the air-conditioner was silent, as Natsugo was reading a book that was almost to his size, with his legs supporting the bottom part of the book, with Natsugo's body being supported by the comfy long couch and his head being supported by the handle of said couch. With a desk lamp illuminating the pages of the encyclopedia.

"Interesting…" he mused to himself, completely invested with the book containing information of the local Pokémon of Melemele island.

"It's been a long time since I've even actually played a Pokémon game, the last game that I played was gen 5 and I haven't catched up with the other 3 gen's that followed, I just grew out of it"

And silently, to Natsugo's left, a small peering light grew, with the light growing slowly and slowly, and after that a silhouette of a tall man is what Natsugo saw.

"Mister Natsugo?" the butler of the mansion asked, his red suit, monocle and bushy hair and beard, only being barely visible due to the peering light of the door that he came in "would you like some tea?" in one of the butler's hand, he held a silver tray, with a ceramic teapot and teacup

"I'd really like some tea, thank you Hobbes, and sorry about the ambience, you can turn on the lights." Natsugo sat up from his position, a hand on the back of his head from embarrassment of being a nuisance, but he already knew what Hobbes was going to say.

"You do not need to apologize, it is understandable for one to have the need for the perfect atmosphere for someone to truly focus on their studies Mister Natsugo." Hobbes walked over to the center table of the room, placing the cup on the table while miraculously not spilling any of the tea on the table.

"Thank you Hobbes, and you don't need to add a mister to my name, I'm not even old for that yet." Natsugo closed the hardcover of the encyclopedia, as he watched Hobbes flawlessly pour the tea on the cup.

"It isn't a matter of whether you are of age for me to give you an honorific, a butler must always treat all guests with respect." a curtly bow soon came after, as Natsugo placed the book down, his hand hovering over the cup and it didn't take long for his finger to wrap around the handle of the teacup.

"Be careful Mister Natsugo, tea is usually best served hot." Hobbes warned Natsugo, worry traced in his voice as Natsugo hovered the cup near his lips. The hot therapeutic air of the tea entering Natsugo's nose.

"You don't need to worry Hobbes." Natsugo assured the worried butler, tilting the cup to his lips, with only a tiny amount of hot tea entering his mouth, and it was pretty hot, but not painfully so.

"—This is really good." Natsugo answered as he placed the teacup back at the center table, with a handful amount of tea still remaining "what kind of tea is it?" he questioned.

"It is a special type of tea, with ingredients that can only be found in the Kanto region." Hobbes answered, which left Natsugo with an even greater sense of discovery, like a little child, even though he's mentally a 17 year-old.

"Thank you Hobbes." Natsugo thanked the old butler as he grabbed back the encyclopedia, the book itself being a bit heavy for the boy, but regardless of that fact, he could endure it.

"You're quite invested in the subject of Pokémon aren't you Natsugo" Hobbes inquired as he picked up the silver tray and teapot, leaving out the teacup for Natsugo "you have a wonder for the subject of Pokémon that can only be rivaled by renowned professors." Hobbes smiled at the sight of a boy engrossed in the book.

"Yeah… I guess I do." Natsugo acknowledged, a bit embarrassed of his childish behavior even though he is physically a child, but that still didn't mean he wasn't aware of the fact that he still had the experience of 17 years of life behind his back "I just really like Pokémon I guess."

"Nothing to be ashamed about Mister Natsugo, everyone has a passion that means a lot to the individual, whether that be studying about Pokémon, Architecture, Cooking, Writing, Acting, or being an Elite Pokémon Trainer. Everyone must find a passion that drives them forward, it is what defines all of us as an individual… I apologize if I rambled a bit too long, you must've been uninterested with spiel"

"You don't need to apologize Hobbes, you said some really wise things, and I'll definitely take it to heart."

"Thank you Mister Natsugo." Hobbes curtly bowed as he left the boy with his own devices, a smile on his face as he placed a hand on the door knob, and closed the door, the abrupting light exiting along with him.

"Welp… Time for me to continue my studies" Natsugo carelessly said to himself, leaning back to his original position, with the comfy couch relaxing his body as he once again read the encyclopedia, while occasionally sipping down on his until none was left.

And it didn't take long for Natsugo to fall asleep during his study, the side of his face laced with drool from his open mouth, and the encyclopedia that was still left open was resting on his chest, almost acting like an inefficient blanket.

Reincarnated Into the World of Pokémon! - Chapter 1 - VincentVanGourd - Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (2024)


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