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Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (1) Original

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Author: Anomander_Adaar

4.22 (11 ratings)

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A young man dies and gets the choice to reincarnate into the world of Pokémon. With this new life in this new world, he will carve his name into the world's history. The journey and choices he will make may just affect the world around him. The people he meets and Pokémon will either help him on his journey or hinder him.

I do not own the cover or Pokémon.

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LV 13 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (14)


I took quite a big break from reading anything but I'm happy to be back and reading your ff's my friend.


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This is a really good book only a little bit of grammer mistakes I am adding dis to my reading list definitely I’ve been waiting for a good pokemon book and found one!!!


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LV 3 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (18)


this is Pokemon that has been changed in a Chinese taming novel, soon he will need the fire lotus, to unlock his potential or something like that, while I'm not bookmarking I will give you this 30-minute bus ride home just because I want to see what other bs the author can come up with


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LV 5 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (20)


pretty solid ff ,but there is 1 problem, boring fights between Pokemons it's like author take logs from pokemon Go. ..


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LV 14 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (22)


Has potential. I just love pokemon and I really liked the starter choice.


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LV 4 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (24)


Cynthia’s battles take to much time in the new chapter 63 64 but great work

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LV 3 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (26)


this is one of the best pokemon fan-fics that i have found as it has great story writing and I personally like the pacing of the story and it having a good stability to the chapter releases with it also being made alongside a second fan-fic as well.


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LV 1 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (28)


Muy buena historia , la originalidad de comenzar una generación antes de Ash eh visto pocas que comienzen como vs , lo único que te falto aclarar quien va hacer su pareja . ( Vamos hacer sincero Sabrina lo mataría , Sophie no sé si va a volver aparecer , Ali por lo que leí se ven más como amigos/hermanos .) La única que le veo futuro es cynthia

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LV 3 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (30)


The journey was to easy even his battle was to easy given that he only has 3 pokemon for the indigo league and it's his first year even they grew to fast without doing anything special and I think Blue could've done better than the mc cause he has better backing(rich, Influential) and better education than the mc and yet fell short to Red. Really 3 almost top king rank was able to beat 5 of Red's team full of king rank with 1 emperor rank? Their rematch will be even boring since Red admitted he will probably loose to mc next time and it felt like Red gave up and won't be improving much. Rate of Improvement should be slowed down too. But other than that Story has potential tbh

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LV 2 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (32)


It is a nice ff you should give it try definitely________________________________________________________________----------------------------------------------------------------------------=====================================================


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LV 3 Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (34)


Definitely has potential. The story is really good so far and I look forward to what other Pokémon will be on the team


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Reincarnated Into The World of Pokémon (2024)


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